The Smile Way Group



Purpose is the spark that ignites our passion and action. Every day we progress toward our mission with a sense of certainty, conviction and the knowledge that what we do today changes the world forever. Our impact is felt both in the field and with one another.

Our unwavering resolve to create a healthier tomorrow is our passionate pursuit. We have power through our purpose.



We support and believe in one another through our highs and lows. Together we achieve and change the world. We are a collection of individuals with unique experiences and talents. Unified, our combined abilities are multiplied and strengthened to have the greatest impact on the lives of others. We cultivate and cherish our team; when we are in sync we are unstoppable.

Our mission and vision are realized through our team’s integrity and passion.



We have a standard of excellence that is achieved through our unwavering commitment to deliver excellence. Our standard is never compromised, regardless of the circumstance. We take consistent action sustained over time to create positive habits that move us toward our vision. Our journey to excellence is in every interaction we have with our internal team, our partners, our local communities and our patients.

Through our desire to be our best, we set new and higher standards in all aspects of our organization.



Our standard is to create a memorable experience and provide the highest quality of care. Our level of excellence cannot be matched. Quality is the fiber of our carefully woven tapestry that is our culture. Our standard of quality is achieved through dedication and enjoyment bound to the highest standard.

Quality care is not a dispensable luxury but a simple necessity.



We listen to each other with our full attention. We practice empathy and non-judgment as we receive and process information from one another. Through listening, we are able to communicate with others in a transparent, inclusive and purposeful manner. We make sure to communicate with the other person’s needs in mind and align with them to best support the interaction.

Through active listening and engagement, we unlock our ability to change lives through positive dialogue.



We lead and work with one another respectfully and proactively to achieve common goals. We accomplish far more collectively when we collaborate at the highest level with our teammates, community partners, stakeholders and patients. We are dedicated to engaging others throughout the process to effectively meet our purpose of service.

We create an environment that encourages positive and effective collaboration in support and service of our mission to create a healthier world.



We focus on enjoying every moment and experience. Our approach promotes joy individually, which in turn inspires joy in those around us. Our enjoyment is contagious and ignites our pride. Our ability to positively impact lives brings enjoyment to our daily work.

We create an experience of fun and fulfillment with one another, with our partners and most importantly, with our patients.



We skillfully and efficiently find timely and thoughtful ways to overcome obstacles, refusing to be defined by the challenges we face. We have a proactive, thoughtful and expedient approach. We find and focus on the opportunity when others see obstacles. We continue to adapt and remain calm in any situation. We make it happen, utilizing our knowledge, tools, team members, leaders and all means available to us.

As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to operating in a resourceful manner.



We take initiative, make proactive smart decisions to solve challenges and take actions that improve service and performance. We feel empowered because we are rooted in the strength and passion of our purpose to help those in need.

We are empowered to ask questions, gain clarity, weigh the risks and the rewards, and take the actions necessary to meet our outcomes.



We are committed to pushing and questioning the status quo. We look for new ways to positively influence and impact lives. We are flexible in our approach, always creating win-win solutions.

We cultivate a creative environment and culture that is focused on discovering more efficient ways to support our patients and reach our vision.



We value every opportunity to provide caring and thoughtful acts. We know even our smallest acts of kindness and understanding impact lives. By showing we care about the thoughts and experiences of others, we become more aware. We recognize the importance of loving others as well as ourselves.

We practice empathy and self-love so we can give unconditional love, support and recognition to others.



By promoting growth and development, we nurture talent and cultivate ideas. We recognize that learning from our challenges nourishes the seeds of growth and success. As in nature, a planted seed goes through resistance before breaking through to bloom. We support all the phases and seasons required to grow as individuals and as a company.

We continuously and proactively support each other in our unlimited capabilities to grow in all areas of the organization.


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