COMPLIANCE Introduction Training Code of Conduct Policies/Procedures

Welcome to the Compliance webpage for Smile America Partners and the dental professional practices the organization supports. Together we are The Smile Way Group, and we are dedicated to acting with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with applicable laws. To ensure we act accordingly, a centralized Compliance Program has been established. To learn more, please review the overview below.

Questions? Email or contact anyone from the compliance team directly at 888.833.8441.

Remember:  You can also report concerns or questions to the confidential and anonymous Compliance Helpline 24/7 at 800.447.9207.

Compliance Program Overview

Welcome to the training section of the Compliance website. To safeguard you, our patients and our organization, ALL team members of The Smile Way Group are required to complete both Parts 1 and 2 of the Compliance Training as a condition of employment. The two modules below can be completed in less than an hour each. Once completed, you will attest to the fact that you watched both videos. If you have questions, please contact

Compliance Training Video – Part 1


Compliance Training Video – Part 2

Once you have reviewed both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Compliance Training, you must click here to sign the Compliance Training Attestation

Our Code of Conduct is the written document found below that outlines how we conduct ourselves. It assists us in carrying out our daily activities within the appropriate ethical and legal standards. Every team member of The Smile Way Group must read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. Your adherence is integral to our success in fulfilling the organization’s vision to provide high quality oral health care to children who need our care.

Code of Conduct

Once you have reviewed the Code of Conduct, you must click here to sign the Code of Conduct Attestation

Below you will find the approved compliance policies/procedures documents for The Smile Way Group. These have been created to ensure we continue to act responsibly, uphold a positive image and maintain trust. New policies are being added as they are developed, so please check back periodically.

Questions? Email or contact the Compliance Department at 888.833.8441.

Covid-Preparedness and Response Plan

CC-101 Corporate Level Policy Review Process

CC-102 Compliance Program Structure and Oversight (Committee)

CC-103 Compliance Program Structure and Oversight (Department)

CC-104 Risk Assessment Policy

CC-105 Code of Conduct Review Policy

CC-106 Corporate Compliance Training and Education

CC-107 Reporting Compliance Concerns Policy

CC-108 Responding Confidentially to Inquiries

CC-109 Reporting of Fraud Waste Abuse

CC-110 Effective Communication Policy

CC-111 Non-Retaliation Policy

CC-112 Incident Response Plan (Investigation and Corrective Action Policy)

CC-113 Vendor Management and Oversight Policy

CC-114 Investigation and Mitigation of Privacy Breaches Policy

CC-115 Responding to Government Inquiries and Investigations or Other Requests for Information Policy

CC-116 Business Associate Policy

CC-117 Workplace Visitor Policy

CC-118 Computer and Information Security Policy

CC-119 Assessing Effectiveness of Compliance Program

CC-120 Compliance Program Auditing and Monitoring

CC-121 Conflict of Interest Policy

CC-122 OIG Exclusion List Review Policy

CC-125 Designated Record Set

CC-126 Document Retention Policy